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An Internship with ARA LAW will help you not just experience life as a commercial lawyer, but to also gain an insight into the Firm’s commitment to its clients and its culture of diversity. At ARA LAW our interns and full time practitioners come from diverse cultures and backgrounds – the only criterion that is non-negotiable is that you must be passionate about the law.

As an intern with the Firm, you will be mentored around the clock by a senior member of the team, who will assign work to you and guide you through its completion. You will have the opportunity to work with all our departments and understand all our specialisms, while also attending seminars and workshops with our team members. You will have the opportunity to attend training programmes within the firm that will help understand what you can expect, should you return as a full time practitioner. Put simply, at ARA LAW we are committed to ensuring that you get the most out of your internship by putting you through some real life experiences as a lawyer with the Firm.

Internships are available to law students in their 4th or 5th year (of the 5 year law course) and 2nd or 3rdyear (of the 3 year law course) from leading Universities and Law Colleges in India. Besides, excellent academic performance, we look for motivation and drive, communication skills, critical thinking, commercial awareness and a commitment to having a career in corporate and commercial law.

We offer internship for both short term (not to be less than a month) and long term periods. At the end of your internship, you will receive an internship certificate and a stipend.

Interested students can apply through the link mentioned below. Once your application is selected, we will conduct a short interview. Applications are typically considered two months before the requested slot for internship.

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